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A charge controller may be used to power DC equipment with solar panels. The charge controller provides a regulated DC output and stores excess energy in a battery as well as monitoring the battery voltage to prevent under/over charging. An inverter can be connected to the output of a charge controller to drive AC loads. A solar charge controller helps in charging a battery using solar energy collected by Solar panels.


There are two types of Solar charge controllers – MPPT type & PWM type. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Charge controller generates approximately 10% – 25% more power as compared to PWM charge controller. Our solar charge controllers have been designed for rugged conditions and offer unique features at affordable prices. We manufacture the widest range of solar charge controllers in India that are hybrid type and can be used to convert existing inverters into Solar inverter.

 PWM charge controllers –

HLS Series – 12V 8A for Home Lighting Systems

PS Series – 12V, 24V in 10A and 20A models

PPL Series – 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V in 10A, 20A & 40A models

 MPPT charge controller –

12V, 24V, 36V, 48V in 20A & 40A models (Special model for Thin Film panels (Voc=150V DC) also available)

 High Voltage PWM charge controller –

60V to 240V in 20A & 40A models with LCD display

PWM Solar Charge Controller – HLS Series

HLS series PWM charge controller is a low cost & reliable product for use as home lighting system. The product is for use with single 12V battery and can give charging current upto 8A. HLS series comes in plastic body and has 4 DC load terminals, so multiple lights / fans can be connected simultaneously. Other product features include:
 Microprocessor controlled zero-drop design

 3 stage battery charging for longer battery life

 Selectable battery type – Flat cell / Tubular / SMF

 Settable DC load operation – Dusk to Dawn / Always ON

 Max 50W DC load can be run continuously

PWM Solar charge controller (PPL Series)

PPL series PWM charge controller is a zero drop microprocessor based device with DC load terminals. It is a low cost product for battery charging and running DC loads such as DC fans, DC LED light, etc. Product features include:

 Battery specific charging for Flat Plate / Tubular / SMF Battery type

 High efficiency design – upto 98.8% efficiency

 Can provide priority charging to Inverter batteries using Power Saver Box

 Dual color Battery status indication LED Battery – Connected/Charging/Charged/Low

 3 Stage battery charging – Boost / Absorption / Trickle charging mode

 Reverse polarity protection with indication LED – For battery and PV Panel separately

 Battery overcharge protection

 Rugged, compact and attractive product design

MPPT Solar charge controller

We are manufacturing one of the most advance MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller available in India. The product follows active P&O algorithm to deliver maximum solar power for battery charging. Using LCD display and function buttons, user can set various product parameter including battery charging voltages, charging current limits, DC load timing, hybrid function operation, etc. Product features include:

 Up to 25% extra charging as compared to PWM models using MPPT

 16 x 2 LCD display in MPPT models for detailed information

 Can provide priority charging to Inverter batteries using PowerSaver Box

 4 Stage battery charging – Deep discharge / Boost / Absorption / Trickle charging mode

 Can even charge deep discharge battery

 Equalising charging mode for 2 or 4 battery banks

 Protections – Battery over charge, Reverse polatity, Temp. compensated charging

 Special model for Thin Film panels (Voc=150V DC) also available